Why choose chateau Rideaux Tab

The Ceo of Chateau Rideaux is JassiTheBeauty. Popular for being a pageant queen JassiTheBeauty was unimpressed with the current markets hair extensions product she’s been wearing since she was just 7 years old when she competed in her first pageant. For over 15 years she has worn extensions and felt it was time to seek out the rawest forms of hair in the world. She began her journey to different countries sourcing hair in 2016 Her first stop was China. Within China she visited three different Provinces and over 5 Different small villages where she observed how hair is imported , cleaned , wefted and reviewed for product completion. She was inspired after leaving China but sought to find out more about the hair China was importing in. She sought to find the first source of real raw human hair extensions and to her surprise many countries have raw hair available but it can be incredibly difficult to find . Next she visited Cambodia and then to India JassiThebeauty’s philosophy has always been Good better best never let it rest until your good gets better and your better is Best. She finally found the purest quality hair she’s ever laid her hands on and that’s when she started the process of putting her hair extensions through the proper test . She tested hair for over a year before she made the decision on the countries she would do buisness with and finally Chateau Rideaux Hair extensions was birthed .