The birth of Chateau Rideaux was rooted before Jassi was born. Jassi’s grandmother, Toni Rideaux, was her hometown’s first black female salon owner that operated a legit salon that wasn’t inside a home.


Her grandmother Toni started in the hair business around 1958 (Hence the 1958 date in the Rideaux hair logo ) Mrs. Rideaux always  stressed the importance of her daughter and sisters being licensed in order to work in the family’s own  salon known as Toni's Beauty salon a building that still stands off of 12th street in the city of Muskogee. 


Growing up Jassi would visit “the shop” as she called it where her grandmother and several aunts would dress hair daily.


Hair quickly became a lifestyle for younger Rideaux. By the time Jassi turned  12 years old she was already doing and wearing hair extensions. Shortly after she learned about a  Technical school where students, if accepted, could be entered into a cosmetology school program. Jassi learned it would be the same cosmetology school her grandmother attended and acquired her license.  Jassi was accepted into cosmetology school  and graduated  as Vice president of the lace and became a licensed cosmetologist in 2010 at  just 17 years old.


in 1965 Jassi’s grandmother, after creating a hair empire, decided it was time for her next business adventure. She’d passed her real estate license board and gutted the front of the salon leaving the back half perfectly intact. From there she turned it into a real estate brokerage company and family beauty salon. It was a duo family empire built on hard work and knowledge.


Both the Brokerage company and hair salon are still open for business 7 days a week in Muskogee, Oklahoma where her grandmother and aunts service long term returning  clients some for more than 50 years. 


While Jassi loved doing hair, she didn’t see it as a career and instead went to college and obtained a bachelor’s degree only to later come back to her first love: Hair!


Although Jassi keeps an updated license, she decided to put more energy and focus into researching and providing the best quality hair extensions.


The name Chateau Rideau was the name her grandmother had painted on the mailbox of the families 10k square foot home. Rideaux is the French spelling of the family’s last name and The rebrand of Chateau Rideaux because Rideaux hair in 2022.