Why we believe Quality hair extensions are important

Why we believe Quality hair extensions are important

Hair extensions are the best way to add length or volume to your hair to achieve the look that you’re going for. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing which hair extensions to spend your money on. While many people go for cheap extensions solely based on price, they often end up being a total waste of money so it’s important to consider why quality hair extensions are worth buying.


Why to avoid cheap synthetic hair extensions


First let’s discuss why it’s truly best to avoid cheap extentions. If you’re in the market for hair extensions, it's because you want to add something to your current hair. Whether you’re hoping to add volume or length, the idea is for your hair to look naturally voluminous or long.


While synthetic hair extensions can seem like a tempting option if you’re on a tight budget, ultimately they aren’t going to give you the result that you’re looking for and if you aren’t happy with the result they will be a waste of money.


When you purchase high quality, real human hair, extensions you have your best chance at adding to your own hair in a way that looks seamless and natural.



How much do good quality, human hair extensions cost?


Good quality hair extensions will have a wide range in price due to the many different factors and options available. Pricing will vary greatly depending on the type of extension, the length, color, etc. and if you are going to be paying a stylist to do the extensions for you that will also add a considerable amount. It’s best to take some time to do the research on the type of hair extensions you’re shopping for to get an idea of pricing.


How to tell if extensions are good quality


Because we do a lot of online shopping these days, we often have to purchase items based on photos. But when purchasing items online, such as hair extensions, it can sometimes be hard to clearly see the quality of what you’re buying because you can’t touch it or see it in person.


Here are some ways to figure out if hair extensions are high quality when buying online:


100% Human Hair


Extensions that are made from 100% human hair will always be of better quality than any synthetic hair extension options. Synthetic extensions just don’t look as natural and don’t hold up as well as real human hair.




If you’re researching hair extensions and think you have found a great deal because they are half the price of other stores you’ve found online, be very careful. Higher quality hair extensions will never be considered cheap. Because of the quality of the actual hair and the process to create the extensions, you can expect high-quality extensions to be a bit more pricey.


Where are you buying your hair extensions?


An important thing to consider when buying hair extensions is where you’re buying them. If you’re looking at a website that sells all categories of items, not related to hair extensions, you’re most likely going to be disappointed in your purchase.


Making sure that you’re purchasing from a company that specializes in extensions with hair extension experts on staff will likely provide you with a better overall product.


Why quality hair extensions are worth buying


Quality extensions will look more natural


The number one reason that it’s worth it to invest in quality hair extensions is because they will always look more natural. There is a reason that higher quality hair extensions are considered higher quality and that’s because they are created to look as natural as possible so that no one should be able to tell it’s not your real hair.


The best quality extensions are going to be human hair extensions and, because they’re made from real human hair, they’re going to look the most natural.



Quality extensions can be styled with heating tools


If you’re looking to add extensions to your hair, you’re likely going to be styling your hair with the extensions in so that it looks uniform with your own hair. If you purchase well made hair extensions made from 100% human hair, you will be able to safely style your hair with heating tools similar to how you style your natural hair.


Being able to style your extensions along with your hair is a big factor in ensuring that your extensions are as natural looking as possible.


Human hair extensions can be colored


If you go with human hair extensions you should be able to do everything that you do with your own hair because it’s human hair as well. This includes dying your hair extensions to match your hair color so that there is no variation in color between your hair and the extensions which makes it easy for others to see that you have extensions in.


Quality extensions last longer


While how long hair extensions will last is largely based on how you treat and care for them, quality hair extensions will almost always last longer than a cheaper alternative. Cheaper options will likely start to look worn out or damaged much sooner than quality extensions forcing you to purchase them more often.


Synthetic extensions will usually start to tangle and get matted due to the material used to create the extension while human hair extensions generally won’t have this problem.



There are a lot of factors that go into choosing hair extensions, but if you’re looking for extensions that will seamlessly work with your own hair then quality hair extensions are with buying to achieve the best look possible.


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